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    Welcome to Project Japale Goune, a school lunch program in Dakar created by three Rotary Scholars.

    If this is your first visit, our About page is a good place to start. Below is news from the Project.

    Dakar Dispatch: Ling Ling Writes

    January 9th, 2006

    We’ve been hearing from Ling Ling regularly from Dakar since she has arrived to do her research, which is itself dedication; making it to the Cyber Cafe after a long day is never an easy task.

    She is looking closely at the possibility of a telecenter as an income generating project and has come up with some innovative ideas to make it competitive: customer loyalty programs (which are rare in Senegal), having air conditioning and integrating a pedalogical purpose (e.g. have students learn about business by participating in the telecenter management). While she has made no definitive conclusions yet, her work is exciting to follow.

    MIT Grant Supports Project Japale Goune

    January 1st, 2006

    Great news! Ling Ling was recently awarded a research grant by MIT to return to Senegal for two weeks and analyze the possibilities of small, school-run projects to sustain Japale Goune. She will be in Senegal from January 7 – 28th looking at the feasibility of setting up a telecenter that would be run by the schoool in order to generate income. She will be using all of her newly aquired MBA skills to look at the market, analyze the financials, and project a profit.

    Here is an excerpt from her application:

    I intend on continuing my work on this project until the lunch program is fully sustainable. The next step for us is to develop an income generating activity. The school has already completed research on initial costs for two of the proposed projects but needs assistance in framing the business plan to American donors. During (my research study) I hope to complete the business plan we need to take us one step closer to our goal of sustainability.

    Way to go Ling Ling! We look forward to updating the supporters with your findings.