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    Welcome to Project Japale Goune, a school lunch program in Dakar created by three Rotary Scholars.

    If this is your first visit, our About page is a good place to start. Below is news from the Project.

    Congratulations Natalie and Karamba!

    February 18th, 2006

    Natalie and Karamba’s wedding this weekend was truly the merging of two hearts, families, and cultures. Natalie looked gorgeous and Karamba was so joyful that he danced down the aisle for the recessional! The weekend was marked by love, lots of sun, great music, and strong nostalgie for Senegal. It was the first (unofficial) reunion for Dakar Rotary Scholars from 2003-2004.

    Natalie and Karamba, we wish you a lifetime of happiness and jamm rekk. Congratulations!

    Research Grant Conclusions

    February 1st, 2006

    During her time in Dakar, Ling Ling looked at the nitty gritty details of building a telecenter as a income-generating project for the school to make Japale Goune sustainable.

    After extensive research, analysis, and hobknobbing with Professors at MIT, Ling Ling has concluded that a telecenter would not be financially sound because start up costs are too high and profit projections too low. There is simply too much competition in the market.

    Aren’t we lucky to have found this out now, instead after asking donors to contribute?

    On the bright side, she did come up with a low-cost, high potential project: a mini vegetable garden in school grounds. The start up costs are minimal, maintenance could be done by students as a learning tool, and vegetables could stock the school kitchen. Doesn’t it just make sense?

    This has some serious potential, and we will be posting details as they develop.