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    Welcome to Project Japale Goune, a school lunch program in Dakar created by three Rotary Scholars.

    If this is your first visit, our About page is a good place to start. Below is news from the Project.

    A Visit to the School Proves Sustainability is Nearing

    February 19th, 2009

    Natalie recently returned from a visit to L’ecole Primaire de Point E in Dakar, and had nothing but great things to report when she got a back.  As the school takes a larger role in the school lunch program, we grow very close to our ultimate goal of creating a project that is self-sustaining (and 100% supported by income-generating projects developed by the school.)  After some budget reviews, we realized we are only subsidizing the project with just over $400 per school year.  This is a long way from the $8,000 that we invested the first year of the project!  The iniatives that are helping the school in their quest for sustainability:

    • The boutique that rents space from the building
    • The restaurant that rents space from the building
    • The school garden – sale of the vegetables to local vendors
    • Participation fees from those students whose families can afford it
    • Superior budget management from our Project Director, M. Sane, and the staff at the school

    We hope to post some photos of Natalie’s latest visit soon!